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Work hard, be consistent and be patient

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We all shouldn’t have the same plan

Not all of us are in the same spot on our journey through life and come in different shapes and sizes. The running plan I will build for you will be tailored to fit your current fitness level. Whether you're just starting out or want to make a jump from 10k to half marathon, after 12 weeks of coaching I will help you achieve success.

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  • Half marathon

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About me

Hi, I'm Conrad!


Half marathons


Full marathons


70.3 Ironman

I’m excited that the universe has brought us together and that you will give me the opportunity to help you on your journey. If you're someone who has never been a “runner” and not sure where to begin or where to start on building running endurance, I can definitely help you. I encourage you to download my free e-book. I share a few things I learned when I had first started running back in 2014. It will give you a basic understanding of where to start. I used that knowledge to complete my first half marathon in 2h 30m; my last half marathon time was 1h 39m.

Receiving feedback from my first client, they attributed their success to having the desire to complete their first half marathon, working their butt off and having me hold them accountable with customized weekly training plans tailored to their fitness level. Although I do not give nutrition advice or “weight loss” plans, through a lifestyle change and relatively healthy eating habits, he was able to lose 45 pounds over 6 months.

I can promise you that if you stick with the training plan, work hard, stay consistent and be patient, you will see the results you desire. If I’ve learned one thing through the last 5 years of my life, it’s to not be scared to invest in yourself, as you start to have success in whatever it is you are seeking, you will start to also believe in yourself and after that, you will be unstoppable. Unlike some coaches, I am still in the trenches competing and practicing what I preach, know on your race day, that I could be “suffering” with you!

Repeat after me, I promise to:

1. Work hard

2. Be consistent

3. Be patient

4. Love myself

5. Be happy